Zeia Ender is a former raider in Forest Survivors, who teams up with Joshua Wilder and Chase Cinder to defeat Viktor Klov.

Plot Edit

Before her first appearance in Forest Survivors, Zeia was a raider, on the same team as Finn Sage, Chase Cinder, Croc Glynn, and Viktor Klov. It is unknown why Zeia left the team, but it is hinted that, alike Chase and Croc's future departure, it was her extreme hatred for Klov.

She is seen first by Fasselhorn River with her friend Daniel Moe. When they see the newly reformed Chase and his friend, Joshua Wilder, they immediately welcome them. They enjoy an afternoon by the river, until they leave due to the extreme heat and the possibility of Viktor Klov stalking them.

Zeia then joins the team after Croc Glynn's death.

Personality Edit

Despite being a raider in her past, Zeia does not possess the hatred and ability to murder that the other raiders do. In fact, she often doesn't use a gun, only a non-lethal crossbow

Trivia Edit

Zeia Ender is portrayed by the same actor as Finn Sage and Croc Glynn.