"The key?! How did you find it?"

Viktor Klov is the leader of the raiders' clan in Forest Survivors, and the father of Dorian and Daniel Moe.

Viktor 1

Plot Edit

Viktor first appears in Forest Survivors chopping wood for the raiders' camp. He is then confronted by Broad Petersburg, who wants to make a deal with him - Dorian Moe's capture for the key to the chamber containing the Knife of Ages, which he received from Squire Flanagan. However, Viktor suspects Broad is not going to give him the key afterwards, as Dorian Moe knows the exact location of the key. Likewise, Viktor shoves Broad, snatches the key, and flees into the woods.

Later, when Petersburg takes Dorian Moe to his home in order to hide the location of the Knife from him, Klov kidnaps Moe during the night. When Petersburg comes to Moe's rescue, Klov kills him, and immediately goes to find the Knife.

Slowly, the Knife corrupts Viktor, causing him to overwork Cinder and Glynn, leading to their departure from the team. Luckily, he then befriends Professor Wilder.

Personality Edit

Viktor is extremely aggressive and willing to kill for his own amusement. He is the most villainous antagonist in the movie, aside from Chase Cinder.

Viktor does, however, care for the raiders, at least somewhat. That is, unless one of them leaves the camp, in which he will kill them (in Croc Glynn's case) to keep the camp's secrecy.

Trivia Edit

Viktor Klov is also portrayed by the same actor as Squire Flanagan. Originally, at the end of the movie, Viktor was going to be revealed to be an alias of Flanagan, but to keep the story somewhat clear, the idea was scrapped.

Viktor's mask is actually a replica of Marvel's Iron Man.