"Pretty good idea of me to set the forest on fire, eh?"

Professor Wilder is an antagonist and Joshua Wilder's twin brother.


Plot Edit

Professor Wilder is first seen in the scene immediately followed Joshua Wilder's supposed death. He remarks on how it really is his brother and how dumb he is.

Professor goes to find Viktor Klov, where they exchange a deal; Professor's inauguration into the raiders for getting a good scare out of all of Josh's friends, making them think he's alive.

They then go to find Chase Cinder and Zeia Ender in their secret bunker, where Professor scares and attacks them. Chase is quick to put up his gun, causing Viktor and Professor to flee. Professor sets the forest on fire to escape.

Then, a snowstorm hits. As Professor and Viktor are trying to find a place to stay, they meet Nathaniel Mahr. The plot escalates.

Personality Edit

Professor is portrayed as sort of a dopy bad boy. He makes jokes during serious or tense times; does things absentmindedly, putting himself and others at risk; and frequently drinks and smokes.

This would seem fitting as he used to be a criminal. Before coming into the forest he robbed 127 banks.

Trivia Edit

Professor and Joshua are played by the same actor.