"You wouldn't shoot a little kid, would you?"

Nathaniel Mahr is a young boy who wanders into the woods in Forest Survivors.

Nathaniel mahr

Plot Edit

Nathaniel is first encountered by Professor Wilder and Viktor Klov right before a snowstorm, where he is playing near the ruins of Squire Flanagan's home. Professor Wilder ties him up onto a tree and demands his name and other personal information.

Nathaniel breaks down and starts crying. Professor slaps him, causing him to start bawling even more. Viktor becomes annoyed and starts repeatedly smacking him with his own baseball bat.

After Nathaniel is unconscious, Professor remarks that a snowstorm is approaching and he refuses to let Nathaniel fend for himself. Viktor is miffed, but allows Professor to take Nathaniel to Chase Cinder and Zeia Ender's secret bunker, where he can wait out the storm.

Personality Edit

Nathaniel is not very strong, but that is expected because he is only a young boy. He immediately is frightened when he sees Professor's gun, and starts bawling when he gets slapped.

When he is seen for the second time in the movie, he has calmed down and is actually laughing, not crying.

Trivia Edit

Nathaniel Mahr is extremely close to his actor's real name.

The jacket he is seen wearing, upon closer inspection, almost directly resembles Viktor Klov's.