The Knife of Ages is an incredibly powerful and mysterious weapon with the ability to control elements. In Forest Survivors, this is the relic on everyones' minds, and the item that carves the main plot of the story.

Knife of Ages

Plot Edit

Presumably an incredibly before Forest Survivors, the Knife was created and buried near The Lake. The key to the chamber in which it was contained ended up in the hands of Squire Flanagan, who then turned it over to Broad Petersburg.

Later, Viktor Klov, Chase Cinder, Croc Glynn, and Finn Sage ventured into the woods to set up camp and find the Knife. Viktor led the operation, planning to steal the Knife for himself once it was found. When Joshua Wilder showed up, Chase and Croc were eager to get rid of him before he got involved.

Joshua Wilder was taken prisoner, only to knock out Finn Sage and then escape, and befriend Dorian Moe. Knowing that Klov would use Dorian Moe to find the Knife, Broad Petersburg devised a plan to stop Viktor Klov, keeping Dorian Moe with him. However, Klov captured Moe, killed Petersburg, and took the Knife.

The Knife slowly corrupted Klov, eventually leading to Croc Glynn and Chase Cinder departing the team. After Croc's and Joshua's crushing murders by Klov, they realize Klov has to be taken down. Ónegus Gan Aihm finds the Knife after a tornado and hides it. Finally devising a battle strategy and teaming up with former raider Zeia Ender, young boy Nathaniel Mahr, forest landlord Ónegus Gan Aihm, and Dorian's brother Daniel Moe; Mahr, the Moes, Aihm, Cinder, and Ender successfully defeat Viktor Klov.

Trivia Edit

The Knife of Ages is actually a replica of the sword from LEGO: Ninjago.