"You must be the help I'm looking for!"

Joshua Wilder is the main character of Forest Survivors.

Joshua 1

Plot Edit

Joshua Wilder was on a plane northbound in the middle of summer when his plane crashed in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. During the fall, he sprained his leg.

Joshua woke up near the Raider's Camp, laying unconsciously on a pile of wood. When he woke up, he remembered his situation. He analyzed the camp and determined that there were still people inhabiting it. He decided to wait for help.

When the raiders returned to their camp, they were surprised to see Josh, so they questioned him and shot at him before Chase Cinder decided to take him prisoner. Josh quickly knocked out his guard and escaped, then began to learn information about where he was and what he was dealing with, eventually being thrust into the quest to find the Knife of Ages.

Personality Edit

Joshua Wilder is a kind, caring person. He genuinely wants to help people, offering assistance to people like Squire Flanagan.

When he needs to be, Joshua can be aggressive, often carrying a shotgun for protection and throwing well-timed punches at his enemies.

To Joshua, survival is top priority. The only reason he assumed the quest for the Knife of Ages was to help his friend Dorian Moe.