Fasselhorn River is the name of the river that winds through the woods in Forest Survivors.

River 1

Plot Edit

After being cast off from the Raider's Camp, Joshua Wilder decides he needs something to eat, so he heads to the river in hopes of finding something consumable, cattails at least. When he gets to the river, he discovers a fishing backpack with food and drink, and a fishing pole. Joshua opens the crackers, eats a few, and decides to fish.

After "hours" of fishing with no luck, Joshua packs up what's left of his food, leaves the fishing pole for later, and leaves the river.

Later, after teaming up with Chase Cinder and Croc Glynn, Wilder heads to the creek with Chase to meet up with Chase's friend, Zeia Ender, who has also brought along her comrade, Daniel Moe.

The group relaxes along the river for a while, but then Zeia realizes Viktor Klov is probably watching them.