"It's a very powerful and mysterious weapon, and I just happen to know where it is!"

Dorian Moe is a protagonist in Forest Survivors; the only person who knows the location of the Knife of Ages, and a friend of Joshua Wilder.

Dorian 1

Plot Edit

Sometime before the events of Forest Survivors, Dorian met Squire Flanagan, who had found the key to the Knife of Ages. Scared of its power, Dorian and Squire buried it.

In Forest Survivors, he finds Joshua Wilder unconscious after being mauled by Squire Flanagan. He takes Josh into rehabilitation, giving him tea and information about his situation. It is also believed that Dorian fixed his leg, as Wilder does not use a crutch for the rest of the movie.

Dorian takes Josh to the chamber containing the Knife of Ages, forgetting that it needs a key to be opened. At this time, Viktor Klov possesses the key, but has no idea where the Knife is.

Personality Edit

Dorian is a very nice person. After seeing Joshua being mauled, he takes him into healing and immediately bonds with him.

Dorian is extremely smart and intelligent, often questioning the decisions of others.

Trivia Edit

Dorian Moe's name was derived from the musical scale "Dorian mode," which consists of a minor scale with a sharp removed. The casting director removed the "D" from "mode" and Dorian Moe was born.