"I'm Daniel Moe, you may have heard of my brother, Dorian?"

Daniel Moe is a character in Forest Survivors, the younger brother of Dorian Moe.

Plot Edit

Daniel is first seen in the movie near Fasselhorn River, tagging along with his friend Zeia Ender, when they meet up with newly reformed Chase Cinder and Joshua Wilder. They all relax for a while along the beach until they find out that Viktor Klov could be watching them.

When everyone leaves the river, it is unknown where Daniel goes, although it is suspected back to his brother.

Personality Edit

Apparently, Daniel feels a little bit overshadowed by his brother, who seems to get all the attention. Otherwise, he is very caring and a pacifist at heart, unable to insult Joshua Wilder with words any worse than "mean person." He does, however, carry a gun.