"Of course we're help."

Croc Glynn is a raider in Forest Survivors.

Croc 1

Plot Edit

Croc Glynn was first seen with his partner, Chase Cinder, interrogating Joshua Wilder. Chase and Croc tie Wilder up and leave, raiding Squire Flanagan's house.

He is not seen again until later, they pursue Joshua Wilder into the forest, tie him up yet again, but then wait for Viktor Klov to arrange his disposal.

When Croc realizes that Viktor Klov has just been using them, Croc meets up with Wilder and Dorian Moe, and joins the team.

Personality Edit

Croc is described as a melee fighter, quick to put up his fists, ready to fight, up to the point where he has to be pulled away by Chase Cinder in order to avoid brutally injuring their captive.

Croc also is quick to follow orders, and it seems that he mostly follows the orders of Chase, apparently somewhat contradicting the fact that they are supposed to be partners.

Trivia Edit

Croc got his name for the green crocs he is seen wearing throughout the movie.