Broad Petersburg is a billionaire and relic collector who lives in the depths of Northern Canada.


Plot Edit

Presumably before he met Joshua Wilder, Squire Flanagan gave Broad Petersburg the key to the chamber of the Knife of Ages. In attempts to protect the knife, he tried to commission Viktor Klov to capture Dorian Moe (the only person knowing the location of the chamber), in return for the key, and then refuse give Viktor the key afterwards. However, Viktor stole the key.

As Dorian and Joshua Wilder returned from their trip to the lake, Broad captured Dorian and brought him to Petersburg Cabin. However, Viktor captured Dorian during the night. Broad was then killed by Viktor.

Personality Edit

Broad is known as scheming and innovative, as well as quirky. He collects relics and stores them in his woodland cavern, which also includes a flat screen television and water bed.

Broad is a relic expert and wants to do everything he can in order to protect the Knife of Ages, because he knows how much it is worth.

Trivia Edit

The mask Broad wears on his face is actually a replica of Darth Vader's from Star Wars. Some fans have comically joked that it is part of the original, seeing as Broad is a relic collector.